Miriam Sigler – Director – Ways & Means Events

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had the same old battle during show opening: ‘there’s too much noise in the theatres’. Every wash up meeting we have the same conversations: ‘Surely someone can make this better’. Thorns have done just that! It’s so simple. So professional. So perfect. It’s the answer we’ve all been looking for and it doesn’t cost the earth! What’s more innovative than that?”

Helen Turner – Operations manager – UBM EMEA

“We primarily use Thorns as our preferred furniture supplier, however recently we have used their theatre draping solution which we found to be most effective. The draping solution for theatres is an excellent cost-effective alternative solution to building theatres. They look impressive on the show floor and are also very competitively priced. The flexibility of the design and construction is easy to manipulate for last minute changes and the time required to install is also minimal which all adds to the benefit of using them. For UBM, they also are an incredibly sustainable way of building features as they are paramount to our business goals. I would strongly recommend this option to any organiser and we will definitely be using them at future shows.”

Amanda Mansergh – Operations director – Brintex

“A clever and simple invention that works perfectly in exhibitions and events. Thorns has discovered a multi-purpose design that can be used to create seminar theatres, conference rooms, divide up large areas or to simply wall off within exhibition venues or large empty spaces. The benefits are that they are quick to erect with no mess, and a very cost effective way of reproducing enclosed areas that are sound proof and very functional.”

Louise Kiwanuka – Founder – EventShaper Ltd

“Paul at Thorns and his draping solution came into my life on a particularly challenging event in a derelict basement. Nothing fazed Paul in advance of the event, or his team onsite, when it came to the challenges of working in an environment that Iím sure they would have preferred not to work in. They were highly professional and a joy to work with, which has continued on for the rest of the shows Iíve booked them for. What a great solution!”

Julia Danmeri – Operations Director – Closer Still Media

“Thorns Black Box System has provided us with a creative and effective solution to an element of our events we were really struggling with: noise reduction in our seminar theatres. Our educational content is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of our events and the use of Thorns high level draping versus the standard shell or traditionally built theatres has helped improve our delegate feedback on their experience. Not only do the drapes improve noise reduction within the areas, the height and the way they’re dressed mean the seminar areas look impressive, are more visible and easy to locate. The Thorns team are great to work with. They are accommodating, happy to find solutions to problems and, importantly, very quick at build and derig!”

Lucy McDonald, Operations Manager. EventShaper

“This solution-driven design resulted in something that was not only practical but also a star attraction. It was a huge structure and the Thorns operation team were key to getting the job done. They provided plenty of staff onsite which meant the feature went up quickly and safely. A real pleasure to work with.”